Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Captured by the Cover....

We'll often buy a record just because it has a cool picture on the sleeve (hey, when you're talking about $1 or less, we're gambling fools). Most times disappointment results when the stylus hits the groove, but here are a couple of notable exceptions:

No, we don't think the kids actually play on the album. And since the liner notes are entirely in Spanish, and everybody here who is able to translate is sleeping in today and wouldn't take kindly to being woken up right now, we'll have to find out more about Maso Rivera, legendary master of the Puerto Rican Cuatro (a sort of mandolin as far as we can tell) from the handy internet.
And in this case listening is far far better than reading:
Maso Rivera - Valle del Turabo
Maso Rivera - Mi Regreso


Way Lurid Cover! A hip primitive lounge groove by Don Ralke!
Bongo Madness - Session Grande
Bongo Madness - Belleza y Diablo


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