Monday, July 18, 2005

Clay 'n Shellac!

This posting will have to do for a few weeks (Summertime R&R and whatnot), so for something a little different we've lovingly dragged out some of the brittle 78s from the depths of the repository for your listening pleasure (the label images are the links to the mp3s)....

First up is
Schnickelfritz (Freddie Fisher) and "America's Most Unsophisticated Band":

Hobo Jack Turner puts us in the mood for a little low-rent summer travel with this clever ditty:

This is one of the Fats Waller recordings not available for for listening on the mighty Red Hot Jazz site (which perhaps makes this an Internet Exclusive!):

We always have time for a little German Boogie-Woogie (mit Khatchaturian piano riff!):

And Last 'n Least - Jambalaya as Hank himself could never ever have imagined it:


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