Monday, June 13, 2005


Lotsa Years After
In the locked display at St. Vinnie's in Seaside we saw a short stack of "collectible" LPs priced at $8 each - Dylan, Elvis, Beatles, etc. Hardly rare; they pressed more of these than about anything else after all. And there in the 75-cent bin was a true rarity- Ten Years After's first album from 1967! If you've seen the Woodstock movie, you'll remember their transcendent performance. We've been devoted listeners of theirs (especially the SSSSh and Stonedhenge albums) since early childhood and used to piss people off by declaring Alvin Lee the Best Guitarist of the 60s (fighting words!), so this was a Special Treat.

From the liner notes, written by John Gee, Manager of London's Marquee Club:

About their music there is no mystery whatsoever. It is the kind of music that only an old-fashioned square wouldn’t dig. It is simple and compelling. It is direct and full of guts. It is firmly entrenched in the Blues with a strong jazz basis. It is all these things but it is the genuine feel about the music, above everything else, that distinguishes this group from other similar groups — and the feeling that communicates to every audience they play for.

Ten Years After - I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes
Ten Years After - Adventures of a Young Organ
Ten Years After - Don't Want You Woman

And The Fish?

A few years ago, Country Joe Mcdonald was the Grand Marshal of our town's 4th of July parade- how cool is that? Another Woodstock Alumn (best remembered for the "Fish" cheer & the Fixin' to Die Rag). This find from the same St. Vinnie's haul has an amusing little tune about LBJ that still applies ("Gonna send you back to Texas/Make you work on your ranch"). Complex, snakey, and dark tunes to remind us that all was not Sunshine, Lollipops, & Rainbows....

Country Joe and the Fish - Superbird
Country Joe and the Fish - Death Sound


Last & Least from this latest batch is The Blues Project- an early outing for Al Kooper. Here lives the original version of I Can't Keep From Crying (posted up above in Ten Years After flavor)- we won't bother to encode or upload that particular track though; too much gratuitious 60s organ solo screeeech. One we'll give you is a piece called Flute Thing - sampled by the Beasties a generation later, because they know Quality.

The Blues Project - Flute Thing
The Blues Project - Caress Me Baby

Inexplicable Cover!

This gorgeous thing turned up at the Salvation Army. No- they're not really twins. Just cheesy trick photography to illustrate the cheesier recording techniques employed in the creation of this monstrosity. Norman Nelson (a funny name- sort of cobbled together from two first names, neither of which seems particularly distinguished) possesses a high reedy singing voice- when he does duets with himself the result is a sonic synergy that could strip the finish off of old funiture. And no again- you get no samples. You're a masochist just for asking.....